Windscreen and rear window

Using the rain sensor

Updated 5/12/2021

Using the rain sensor

The rain sensor automatically starts the windscreen wipers based on how much water it detects on the windscreen. Rain sensor sensitivity can be adjusted with the thumbwheel on the right-hand stalk switch.

P6-2037-XC40BEV-Rain sensor

Right-hand stalk switch.

Rain sensor button
Thumbwheel sensitivity/frequency

When the rain sensor is activated, the rain sensor symbol is shown in the driver display.

The rain sensor is automatically on or off when the car is started depending on rain sensor mode set when the car was switched off.

Activating the rain sensor

To activate the rain sensor, the windscreen wipers must be in position 0, or in the position for single sweep.

Activate the rain sensor by pressing the rain sensor button .

Move the lever down to make the wipers move.

Turn the thumbwheel upward for higher sensitivity and downward for lower sensitivity. An extra sweep is made when the thumbwheel is turned upward.

Deactivating the rain sensor

Deactivate the rain sensor by pressing the rain sensor button or moving the stalk switch up to another wiper program.

The rain sensor is deactivated automatically when the car is switched off.

The rain sensor is deactivated automatically when wiper blades are set in service position. The rain sensor is reactivated when service mode has been deactivated.


The windscreen wipers could start and be damaged in an automatic car wash. Switch off the rain sensor before washing the car. The symbol in the driver display extinguishes.

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