Park assist syst

Park Assist*

Updated 7/23/2018

Parking assistance is used as an aid to parking. An acoustic signal as well as symbols on the centre console's screen indicate the distance to the detected obstacle.

Parking assistance sound level can be adjusted during the ongoing acoustic signal using the centre console's VOL knob. The sound level can also be adjusted in the audio settings menu, which is accessed by pressing SOUND or in the car's menu systemMY CARDepending on the audio and media system..

Parking assistance is available in two variants:

  • Rear only
  • Both front and rear.


When a towbar is configured with the car's electrical system, the protrusion of the towbar is included when the function measures the parking space.


  • Parking assistance does not relinquish the driver's own responsibility during parking.
  • The sensors have blind spots where obstacles cannot be detected.
  • Be aware of e.g. people or animals near the car.

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