Trip computer

Trip computer - digital combined instrument panel

Updated 7/23/2018

The car's trip computer records and calculates vales such as e.g. distance, fuel consumption and average speed whilst driving.

The information from the trip computer can be shown in the combined instrument panel and operated with the controls on the left-hand stalk switch and with the combined instrument panel's menu.

Checking and settings can be made immediately after the combined instrument panel is automatically illuminated in connection with unlocking. If none of the trip computer's controls are actuated within approx. 30 seconds after the driver's door has been opened then the instrument extinguishes, after which either key position II or engine starting is required in order to operate the trip computer.


If a warning message appears when the trip computer is used then the message must first be acknowledged before the trip computer can be reactivated.

  • Acknowledge the message by briefly pressing the indicator stalk OK button.


P4-1246-Färddator High

Three trip computer options can be displayed simultaneously - one in each "window".

OK - opens the combined instrument panel's menu, confirms messages or menu selections.
Thumbwheel - browses between menu options or trip computer options.
RESET - resets the current trip meter or goes back out of the menu structure.

Trip comp. opt.

Choose which trip computer should be shown:

To ensure that no control is in the middle of a sequence - reset them first with two presses on RESET.

Turn the thumbwheel to browse between the heading combinations.

Stop at the required combination for the constant display of this trip data in the combined instrument panel.

The trip computer display in the combined instrument panel can be shifted to another option at any time during the journey. One of the options means that no trip computer is shown.

Heading combinations



Trip meter T1 + Meter reading

Average speed

  • Long press on RESET resets trip meter T1.


Trip meter T2 + Meter reading

Distance to empty tank

  • Long press on RESET resets trip meter T2.


Meter reading


kmh<>mph - see section Reverse digital speed display.

No trip computer information.

This option extinguishes all three trip computer displays and it also indicates the beginning/end of the loop.

Resetting the trip computer

Trip meter

Turn the thumbwheel and stop at the heading combination with the trip meter to be reset.

One long press on RESET resets the value for the selected heading.

Average speed and average consumption

Press OK to open the combined instrument panel's menu.

Browse to the Trip computer reset menu option with the thumbwheel and confirm with OK.

Choose to reset average consumption, average speed or to reset both. Confirm the selection with OK.

Finish by pressing RESET.

Functions in the combined instrument panel's menu

The combined instrument panel's menu includes setting options for trip computer. Open the menu to check/adjust the functions in the table below.

To ensure that no control is in the middle of a sequence - reset them first with two presses on RESET.

Press OK.

Browse through the functions with the thumbwheel and select/confirm with OK.

Finish by pressing twice on RESET after completed checking/adjustment.



Trip computer reset
  • Average
  • Average speed

Reset the value of average fuel consumption and average speed.

Note that this function does not reset both trip meters T1 and T2.


For more information, see Messages - handling.


Select the theme for the appearance of the combined instrument panel.

Settings *

Select Auto On or Off.

For more information, see Additional heater.

Contrast mode/Colour mode

Adjusting the combined instrument panel's brightness and colour intensity.

Parking heater *
  • Direct start
  • - Symbol Timer 1 - leads to the menu for selecting time.
  • - Symbol Timer 2 - leads to the menu for selecting time.

For a description of programming the timer, see Engine block heater and passenger compartment heater - timer.

Service status

Shows the number of months and mileage to next service.

Oil level

Certain engines.

For more information, see Engine oil - checking and filling.

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