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Child safety

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General information on child safety

Volvo has child safety equipment (child seats, booster cushions & attachment devices) which is designed for fitting in this particular car.

Child seat - ISOFIX

ISOFIX is a fixture system for car child seats that is based on an international standard.

Child seats

Children should sit comfortably and safely. Make sure that the child seat is being used correctly.

Two-stage booster seat* - lowering

The integrated booster seat in the rear seat can be folded down from the upper or lower stage to fully lowered position in the seat cushion. However, it is not possible to adjust the booster cushion from the upper stage to the lower stage.

ISOFIX - types of child seat

Child seats are in different sizes – cars are in different sizes. This means that not all child seats are suitable for all seats in all car models.

Child seat - two-stage booster seat*

The integrated booster seats in the rear seat allow children to sit comfortably and safely.

Child seats - location

The position of a child in the car and the choice of equipment are dictated by the child's weight and size.

Two-stage booster seat* - raising

The integrated booster seat in the rear seat can be folded up into two stages. How many stages the cushion should be folded up depends on the child's weight.