Road sign information

Limitations for Road sign information*

Updated 7/23/2018

The Road sign information Road Sign Information - RSI function may have limitations in certain situations.

Examples of things that can reduce the RSI function:

  • Faded signs
  • Signs positioned on bends
  • Rotated or damaged signs
  • Signs positioned high above the roadway
  • Fully/partially obscured or poorly positioned signs
  • signs completely or partly covered with frost, snow and/or dirt
  • digital road maps

    In cars equipped with Sensus Navigation.

    are out of date or inaccurate.


The RSI function can interpret some types of bicycle rack (connected to the electrical socket for trailers) as a connected trailer. In such cases the driver may be shown incorrect speed information.


The function uses the car's camera unit, which has some general limitations, see the "Limitations for camera unit" section.

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