Traffic information

Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Updated 7/23/2018

With an Internet-connected car, real time traffic information can be received via the Internet with RTTI.RTTI = Real Time Traffic Information (Real Time Traffic Information).

Traffic information about events and flow is retrieved continuously from mobile apps, public authorities and GPS data from vehicles. When a car requests traffic flow information, anonymous data about the traffic flow at the car's position is provided at the same time, which contributes to the function of the service. The anonymous data is only sent when RTTI is activated.

Current traffic conditions are shown for motorways, major roads and extra-urban roads, as well as certain intercity routes.

The amount of traffic information shown on the map depends on the distance from the car and is only shown within approximately 100 km from the car's position.

Text and symbols on the map are shown as usual and the traffic flow shows how quickly the traffic is moving on a road compared with the road's speed limit. The traffic flow is shown on the map on each side of the road with one coloured line per travel direction:

  • Green - no disruptions.
  • Yellow - slow traffic.
  • Red - congestion/traffic jam/accident.


Traffic information is not available in all areas/countries.

Coverage areas for traffic information are being increased continuously.


The car must be connected to the Internet for RTTI to be used.

Press Settings in the top view.

Tap on NavigationTraffic and select the setting for online traffic information:

  • Tick the box - RTTI is activated and replaces the normal traffic information.
  • Untick the box - RTTI is deactivated and the normal traffic information is activated.

If the car's Internet connection is disconnected when RTTI is activated then the normal traffic information will be activated automatically. RTTI is reactivated when the Internet connection is reconnected.

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