iGo and Sensus Connected Touch

iGo is an integrated solution for satellite navigation with three-dimensional city models and landmarks. The system can handle Points of Interest (POI) and Premium traffic information. It is also possible to use iGo without an internet connection.


This article describes iGo in brief. For a detailed description see iGo's user manual.

Find route options

iGo is easy to follow and helps you to find routes to your destination. It calculates several route options simultaneously, so that you can see which you prefer. Searching nearby or for points of interest (POI) can help you to find the things you are looking for in the area where you are currently positioned.

Simple navigation

iGo shows country-specific lane guidance and signs, which can make it easier to select a lane before you turn off a road. iGo learns from your behaviour and habits and displays a ranked list of the likely destinations based on your present GPS position, earlier routes, the time and the day of the week.


The smart keyboard can allow you to enter addresses more quickly by completing likely city and street names. iGo does not support voice control operation. For more information on operating Sensus Connected Touch, see Operate Sensus Connected Touch.

Premium traffic information

Premium traffic information is supplied by HERE (Nokia) and applies to traffic information updated online for both motorways and other roads. A five-year subscription is included in some markets.

Premium traffic information is provided for the following countries:

USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

iGo and the SD card

The SD card for iGo is registered to the Sensus Connected Touch device where it was first started, and it is not possible to use the SD card in any other car which has Sensus Connected Touch.

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