Our heritage

We started making cars in 1927 because we believed nobody else was making them strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. Learn more about our models and major milestones over the years.

Iconic cars

Discover some of our most iconic Volvo models. From the introduction of our first car in 1927 up to our most recent models.

Our company history

A grey Volvo PV 44 on a stage.
Multiple PV 444 are unloaded from a cargo ship.
A Volvo 240 standing on a hill.
A grey Volvo XC90 driving on a country road.
A black Volvo XC90 seen driving from behind.
A red Volvo S60 rolling of the production line.
A safety belt in grey with the text "Since 1959" engraved on the buckle.

Decades of safety innovations

Ever since our founding in 1927, we’ve been designing cars that put people first. Discover our most important safety innovations over the years.

Planet earth seen from space.

A heritage of sustainability

We have worked for many years to reduce our environmental impact. Discover some of the actions we have taken to date.