Thank you for all the selfies


Our #SelfieForSafety initiative has ended and your selfie will be part of our global research to be presented by the end of 2019.

Thank you!

To everyone who has contributed: thank you. Our goal was to create the largest crowdsourced study for car safety. And with your help, we’re moving closer to that goal. But this project doesn't stop here. We will share our global report with the industry and post it right here. Thanks again. We couldn’t have done it without you. Literally.

Now what?

We have gathered all selfies, but now the work really begins. This is what will happen step-by-step as we compile our global report.

Reviewing the selfies

Selfies that were approved for use in the study are given an ID to allow for individual analysis as required.

Compiling and analyzing the data

The photos are categorised by how the belt is positioned on the body. Our researchers at the Safety Centre will run the analysis, summarise the data and draw conclusions in a report.

Releasing the results

In December 2019 we will share it publicly for all to access. By making it available for anyone to download, we hope that it can contribute to safer roads.

Turning selfies into safety research

This initiative was created together with Dr. Lotta Jakobsson and Volvo Cars Safety Centre. It aims to gather valuable safety belt usage information from everyday situations by crowd sourcing pictures in the shape of a selfie. The findings could help to enhance overall driver and passenger protection, and further help improve the usability and thereby the acceptance of the safety belt in future cars.

Volvo Cars will review all selfies tagged #SelfieForSafety and contact the participants for their approval to use their selfie. Those who agree will be marked as “responder”. Each “responder” photo will then be used to learn about human behavior through real-world scenarios, and even highlight areas of further studies for Volvo Cars Safety Centre to pursue. By the end of 2019, the report will be made available for anyone to download. Just like The E.V.A. Initiative, we hope it will lead to safer cars for all.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Will Volvo Cars store my selfie?

    We will retain your personal data for as long as we make use of the Content as set out above. In general, we make use of Content for a maximum period of two years after the initiation of a campaign.

  • Do I need to drive a Volvo to contribute?

    No. You can drive any car brand, no matter the age, make or model.

  • Will I be able to withdraw my selfie from the study?

    Yes. For information on your rights in relation to our processing of your personal data and contact details, for our Data Protection Officer, please see Volvo Car Group Customer Privacy Policy found in our Privacy documentation,