Connecting With The XC90


Connecting with Volvo XC90

There are lots of things that give Neo Zambas pleasure in life. But there are two pastimes that he particularly enjoys: travelling out to the suburbs to spend time with friends, and taking his bicycle out to his favourite bike track at North Avenue Beach. But in order to regularly enjoy these pastimes, he needs a car. You see, Neo lives in Chicago and sometimes in a big city you need a helping hand to stay connected with the things you love.

We invited Neo to take the all-new Volvo XC90 for a test drive, to see how it could help him stay in touch with his friends and make enjoying a day’s cycling easier than ever before. We even let him take his beloved bike along for the ride. Did the new XC90 help Neo stay connected with the Chicago life he knows and loves?



Meet our friends from Chicago

To get a glimpse of the city, and to get to know the XC90 even better, watch our films where we meet some of Chicago’s residents. Meet Angela Carter-Rhoades, who guides us through the Chicago streets she calls home. Travel to the beach with Taylor and her dog Harlow, who spend a lot of time in the car as Harlow just loves life on the road. And finally, meet Leah who spends her time on the lookout for exciting new outdoor adventures. She took us to Maggie Daley Park for a quick course in bouldering.

Meet Andrew Vogel

Meet Andrew Vogel

Andrew is Vice President of Klairmont Kollections in Chicago. When it comes to cars, he simply loves everything about them.

Tässä on Taylor ja Harlow

Meet Taylor and Harlow

Taylor is a dog-owner, blogger and comedian who moved to Chicago from Nebraska five years ago. If she doesn’t make it as a comedian Taylor says she’ll become a truck driver, as her dog Harlow loves life on the road. We meet up with Taylor and Harlow and head out to Montrose Harbor Dog Beach. 

Tässä on Leah

Meet Leah

“Although Chicago’s a big city, it offers so many great opportunities for outdoor activities. Mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking. It’s all possible here,” says outdoor enthusiast, Leah, as she shows us around the Chicago she calls home.