Luxury for little travellers

The new generation of Volvo Cars child seats was born in conjunction with the release of the all-new Volvo XC90. When it came to choosing the seats that make up the new range, it was decided that as well as providing the usual, reassuringly high levels of safety Volvo Cars is known for, additional focus would be placed on providing children with extra comfort. The new child seats would also feature a luxurious new look that would feel like a natural part of the car’s interior.



Birth of the new generation

“Our new-generation child seats are simple to use, lighter and include extra comfort features, such as more tilting options for improved rest and sleep,” explains Catrine Milding, Product Manager at Volvo Cars. Catrine believes extra comfort options offer other benefits as well, “A contented child who can rest and sleep comfortably guarantees a calmer and safer ride with fewer distractions.” Ensuring children enjoy a safe and comfortable ride is something Volvo Cars has always taken very seriously. So, to help provide children with optimal levels of safety, each new-generation child seat was selected specifically for its safety properties and subjected to rigorous testing at Volvo Cars’ state-of-the-art testing facility.


The key to comfort

In order to bring together a range of child seats that is comfortable, luxurious and safe for children, but also convenient and easy to use for adults, Volvo Cars used only the highest-quality materials. “The design of each new child seat should work in harmony with the car’s interior,” says Ebba Maria Thunberg, Vice President Colour and Material Design at Volvo Cars. “We want them to look and feel like they naturally belong there.”

The use of natural materials (80% wool) when designing child seats is unique in the automotive industry, but Volvo Cars had very good reasons for choosing the materials they did. Wool has unique qualities that allow children to enjoy superior comfort when travelling. The choice of wool also provides many other benefits that other child seats cannot. “Wool is sustainable, it is soft and it is kind to the skin. It is comfortable in both hot and cold conditions and has a natural ability to repel dirt. The upholstery is also removable and machine washable”, says Catrine Milding.

“A contented child who can rest and sleep comfortably guarantees a calmer and safer ride with fewer distractions.”

Catrine Milding, Product Manager at Volvo Cars.


Quality and craftsmanship combined

The luxurious new wool upholstery was also chosen for its ability to integrate with the premium interior of the latest Volvo models. Even if you choose the Blond or Amber interior, the new generation of child seats will match the passenger compartment mats as well as the car’s small switches. Other interesting design details are the embroidered, organic quilting pattern found on the seats’ inserts and the decorative seams that enhance the feeling of exclusive craftsmanship.

But most importantly, when it comes to Volvo Cars’ new generation of child safety, everything was done with the child in focus. Well, why change the habits of a lifetime?