Sabine Fleiss

We can all have a positive influence on the world around us. Whether it’s driving a car with low emissions or making sure you turn off the lights when leaving a room. Volvo Cars resident oil expert Sabina Fleiss, however, decided to do a little more. Come along as Sabine guides us through a normal working day at the Volvo Cars lab.


A pride in knowledge

When Sabine Fleiss tells people her main responsibility is engine oil development and analysis, they’re usually surprised that engine oil requires so much effort and investment. For them, it’s just a lubricating fluid. But when Sabine uses her years of knowledge and experience to explain, people begin to understand that oil is more than just a lubricant, it’s an essential part of the engine.

“I’ve always been interested in chemistry and understanding the complexity of things in detail. But chemical engineering is so much more. It’s about understanding how things work on a micro level - atoms and molecules – and then using this knowledge to improve things like engine oil properties,” explains Sabine Fleiss, Volvo Cars Senior Engineer for Engine Lubricants.

“I love my work and I’m really proud of what I’m doing.”

Sabine Fleiss

Volvo Cars’ Senior Engineer for Engine Lubricants


The complexity of engine oil isn’t something most people are familiar with. And the majority of drivers don’t realise every new Volvo car leaves the factory filled with an engine oil specially developed to help it perform to the highest possible standard. 

“As well as reducing heat, wear and noise, the oil cools and cleans the engine and prevents corrosion. And these are just the physical and chemical aspects – there are also environmental and economic aspects you have to be aware of.”


As the demands on the engine become greater, the requirements on the engine oil increase as well. Most people are unaware of the benefits a high quality engine oil can provide – not only for their car, but for the environment as well.



An oil for the future

Sabine belongs to the Advanced Engineering Department at Volvo. Her team combines extremely experienced engineers, in all areas of engine development, with the necessary passion and ambition required to develop the most progressive product, while focusing on a commitment towards the environment. 

“We want to offer engine oil that lasts longer, protects the engine even better, reduces friction to a minimum and as a result decreases the fuel consumption. That’s why we’re doing it. That’s why I’m doing it.“