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Northern soul

Unlock the Gateway to the Arctic, get inspired by the dance of the Northern Lights and discover the creative power of collaboration. There is also a specially selected range of accessories, smart packing solutions and complete winter wheels to help you make the most of your winter driving. Find all this and more in My Volvo Magazine Vinter. Välkommen!

Tromsø, Norway

The magnetic pull of the frozen north

In My Volvo Magazine Vinter, we’ve unlocked the Gateway to the Arctic and fallen under Tromsø’s spell. Join us as we explore the majestic landscape that makes Tromsø so unique and prepare to meet the people who are transforming this remote Arctic outpost into a hotbed of innovation.

Get a taste for Tromsø in our exclusive behind-the-scenes film.


Northern light

With darkness comes illumination

For years, Sweden’s unique combination of landscape and light has inspired solutions that illuminate the road ahead in a way that is safe, sustainable and, sometimes, revolutionary. We take a look at Volvo’s latest innovations in light and what inspired them.

Volvo Personal Service

A new way of looking at service

With the introduction of Volvo Personal Service, Volvo has decided to look at service and repair from a new perspective. A perspective that will make the entire workshop process simpler, faster, more convenient and more personal. We meet one of the Volvo technicians who is helping transform a visit to the workshop.

Passionate people

Human interaction – in action!

The dedicated team at Volvo’s User Experience Competence Centre spend their days studying human behaviour to create cars that meet the demands of the digital age. In My Volvo Magazine Vinter, you can watch the team in action and follow them as they go about their day following you.

My Volvo Magazine Vinter

The brand new Vinter edition of My Volvo Magazine is now available to download free on the App Store and Google Play. Welcome to Vinter!