Towing bracket*

The car can be equipped with a towing bracket that makes it possible to tow e.g. a trailer after the car.

There may be different towing bracket variants available for the car; contact a Volvo dealer for more information.

For information on towing capacity and towball load, see the section "Towing capacity and towball load".


When the engine is switched off, the constant battery voltage to the trailer connector can be switched off automatically so as not to drain the starter battery.


The towball needs regular cleaning and lubrication with grease in order to prevent wear.


When a hitch with a vibration damper is used, the towball must not be lubricated.

This also applies when fitting a bicycle rack that is clamped in around the towball.


If the car is equipped with a towing bracket, there is no rear mounting for a towing eye.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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