Connecting the Volvo On Call* app to the car

To be able to use the Volvo On Call app services, you need to link the Volvo On Call app to your car.
P5-1846-Volvo On Call app and roof switch
Summary of buttons in the roof and the Volvo On Call app.
The following procedure must be carried out in the car.
Make sure your car is in an area with mobile coverage and that your mobile device has an Internet connection.


If your car is equipped with both Sensus Connect and Volvo On Call, make sure that Car Modem Internet is not selected as the Internet source in the infotainment system. If it is selected, you will not be able to complete step 5 below and then not connect the Volvo On Call app to your car.
Ensure that you have your four-digit Volvo On Call PIN code, your Volvo ID and the Vehicle Identification Number or registration number available before you start. Volvo ID can be created when logging into the Volvo On Call app.
Sit in the driver's seat with the mobile phone and switch on the ignition in the car. Do not start the car's engine.
Login to the Volvo On Call app with your Volvo ID and then follow the instructions in the app. If you have already a car connected in the app and want to add one more, select Profile, Connected cars and Add a car.
When the message to prompt tapping on the ON CALL button is shown in the Volvo On Call app, wait a few seconds before tapping on the button in order to ensure that the car is in verification mode.
Confirm the connection between the app and the car with one quick press on the ON CALL button in the roof of the car (do not hold the button depressed).
You can now start using the Volvo On Call app services.

Switching between several connected cars in the Volvo On Call app

If you have connected several cars to the Volvo On Call app, switch between these as follows:
Go to the Profile tab.
Select Connected cars.
Highlight the car in question and select Switch to this car.

Tips for using the Volvo On Call app

If you experience disruptions with the Volvo On Call app even though the car to which the app is linked is outdoors in an open location with mobile coverage and your mobile device has a good Internet connection, try reinstalling the app on your mobile device.

If the car is a used car you should check that the Volvo On Call service is activated in the car.

For further information - contact a Volvo retailer.

  1. * Option/accessory.