XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid

2021 Early

Adding and editing time setting for preconditioning

The timer for preconditioning can manage up to 8 time settings.

Adding a time setting

P5-1507–Climate–Button preconditioning new timer
The button to add a time setting in the Parking climate tab in the climate view.
Open the climate view in the centre display.
Select the Parking climate tab.
Press Add timer.
A pop-up window is shown.


It is not possible to add a time setting if there already are 8 settings entered for the timer. Delete a time setting in order to be able to add a new one.

Tap on Date to set the time for a single date.

Tap on Days to set the time for one or more days of the week.

With Days: Activate/deactivate repetition by ticking/unticking the box for Repeat weekly.

With Date: Select the date for preconditioning by scrolling the date list with the arrows.

With Days: Select the days of the week for preconditioning by tapping on the buttons for the days of the week.

Set the time when the preconditioning should be finished by scrolling with the arrows.
Tap on Confirm in order to add the time setting.
The time setting is added to the list and is activated.


Do not use preconditioning1:

  • In unventilated spaces indoors. Exhaust gases are emitted if the heater starts.
  • In locations with combustible or flammable material nearby. Fuel, gas, long grass, sawdust, etc. may ignite.
  • When there is a risk that the heater’s exhaust line may be blocked. For example, deep snow inside the front right-hand wheel housing can obstruct the heater’s ventilation.

Remember that the preconditioning can be started by a timer that has been set for a long time in advance.

Editing a time setting

Open the climate view in the centre display.
Select the Parking climate tab.
Press the time setting that is to be changed.
A pop-up window is shown.
Edit the time setting in the same way as described in "Adding a time setting" above.
  1. 1 Applicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater.

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