XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid

2021 Early

Removable towbar*

Volvo recommends use of Volvo's towbars, which are specifically designed for the car.


The detachable towbar may not be available in all markets or for all car models. Contact your Volvo dealer.
P5-1746-All- USA trailer hitch
  1. P5-Icon red circle ABall holder
  2. P5-Icon red circle BSplit pin
  3. P5-Icon red circle CTowbar unit
  4. P5-Icon red circle DLocking bolt
  5. P5-Icon red circle EBracket for safety cable

Install the ball holder

If necessary, remove the split pin from the locking bolt and slide the lock bolt out of the towbar unit.
Slide the ball holder into the towbar unit.
Align the hole in the ball holder with the hole in the towbar unit.
Slide in the locking bolt through the towbar unit and the ball holder.
Insert the split pin in the hole in the end of the locking bolt.


  • Check that the towbar is firmly locked in position before you connect anything to it.
  • Always attach the trailer's safety cable in the bracket for the safety cable on the towbar.

Remove the ball holder

Remove the split pin from the locking bolt and slide the lock bolt out of the ball holder/towbar unit.
Pull out the ball holder from the towbar unit.

Store the ball holder


When not in use, the detachable ball holder must always be stored in the designated area under the cargo area floor.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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