Google built-in - Available applications

To find support information about the Google apps and services built into your car, visit the Google Help centre:

The information is available in several languages that you can select directly on the site.For a complete list of apps available to your market, scan the code below or click on this link:

Px-22w14-Latest Info-GAS QR code-1

Please note that this page is only available for markets where Google built-in is enabled.

The list of apps displayed is dependent on the geographical location and the user device. When browsing Google Play from your car, you will see the selection of apps specifically available for your car and market.

To ensure the correct functionality of the Google apps, like for example Google Maps, it is recommended that the apps are always up to date. You can check available versions and update the apps via Google Play Store in the car.

To know which version of each app you currently have, check the Settings in the centre display.

  • On the home screen, go to settings by selecting the iCup-2037-Settings symbol symbol
  • Select "Applications"
  • Select "Show all apps"
  • Select any app to read more information, including the app version

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