Frequently asked questions about software updates

What does OTA stand for?

Over-the-air software update.

How often will the software be updated via OTA?

Normally between every 6-8 weeks.

How long does an OTA software installation take?

It could take up to 90 minutes. In some cases it might be faster.

Why are we starting to provide OTA software updates instead of performing them at the workshop?

OTA is the next step in evolving the Volvo brand and our products. Launching OTA allows the product to continually improve. It's also more convenient and quicker for our customers.

Which car models can have the software update through OTA?

Cars with Google built-in are OTA compatible.

Updating over-the-air (OTA)

Can I schedule the installation from the Volvo Cars app on my phone?

Unfortunately this is not available at the moment.

Where can I find information about what is included in the OTA update?

  • When an update is available you are prompted with a request for installation. Before initiating the update, depending on your software version:
    • In the centre display's top right corner, go to I > Read more.
    • In the centre display's top right corner, go to View release notes.
  • After the update you can find information about the latest software updates on the support site for most markets. Check and select your market to access the information.
  • In the Volvo Cars app under Px-2037-VOC app icon Car > Software information. This functionality is market dependent and is being launched for all Volvo Cars app markets during spring 2023.

What type of software is available via OTA software updates?

The content differs for each deployment but it is usually a new or updated car firmware. The updates are typically released every 6-8 weeks.

Will the OTA software updates be downloaded to the car via my phone's Wi-Fi or will the car have its own SIM installed?

All cars with Google built-in can be supported by OTA. The OTA software updates are downloaded via the car's built-in SIM card. Update through personal SIM or Wi-Fi is currently not supported.

I have not received any new software to my car but others have - what is the reason?

Each car has a unique configuration. Not all cars are updated at the same time with the same software packages. You only receive an OTA software message if it is applicable to your car.

Can the car be used during the installation process?

No. Once an installation procedure has been initiated, the software is being upgraded and the car will not be accessible for up to 90 minutes. It is essential that you carefully plan when you would like the installation to commence, during a time when the car can remain undisturbed, such as during the night.

Am I able to access the car during the installation process if there is something I urgently need from the car?


  • IT IS NOT ADVISABLE to open the car during the installation process.
  • By accessing the car during the installation process there is a risk that it may interrupt the installation and cause it to terminate. In the worst case scenario, the car cannot be used as intended.
  • The key fob's ranged function is disabled during the OTA installation process. However, it is possible to unlock the car by using your key at the door if you need to access the car during the installation.

How do I receive information about an upcoming or pending OTA software download?

If you have enabled automatic downloads in the settings menu, the downloads will run in the background. If you have not done this, a prompt will occur every time you enter your car asking if the software can be downloaded. Once the installation prompt appears, the software is available for installation.

  • Download = Software downloaded from cloud to car.
  • Installation = Software installed in the car.

Can I schedule the OTA installation?

There are two options to choose from: Install now or Later. Install now means that the car will start to install the software when the prerequisites are met, i.e. the car is locked and both the 12 V and the high-voltage battery levels are OK. If you choose Later, you will continue to be prompted to install the software until you choose Install now.

Can the software be installed without internet connection?

In-car internet connection is only required to transfer the data-package to the car so that the updates can be installed. The installation procedure itself does not require the car to be connected to the internet.

Note: When the feature is available in the Volvo Cars app but the car has no internet connection, you will not receive a notification message in your phone that installation has started. Additionally, the car cannot automatically report back if a failure has occurred. Once the car re-establishes an internet connection, it will begin sending information. Technically, the car needs connection once it has "woken up", allowing the car to connect to the cloud and verify that the new installation was successful.

Can I install my own SIM card in the car for data traffic?

No. It is only possible to use the car's built-in SIM card.

Can I connect the car to a local Wi-Fi to transfer the software download?

No. The car does not support this functionality. The data transfer is performed over the car's built-in SIM card and is carried out when the car is in "active mode", i.e. during driving.

Is there a minimum battery level required prior to software installation?

Yes. The car will automatically check the battery level in the 12 V battery immediately before an attempt to install the software. The car will also check that the battery level is 40% or higher.

Will there be any kind of disclaimer in the event that a software download could overwrite some "non-Volvo software", such as a non-homologated software from a third party company?

No. There will however be a control function in the back-end system highlighting if individual configuration applies to the cars in the OTA deployment. Volvo Cars Software Release Team decides if software should be deployed to those cars or not. Unless the software part number is the same as a Volvo part number, if there is no conflicting data, then the software will be installed. If any non-Volvo or non-proprietary software from a third party is detected, this will be overwritten.

How do I know which software version is installed?

For OTA compatible cars, go to iCup-2037-Settings symbol > System > Software update. Current software version is displayed.

How do I know when a software version was made available?

Information regarding software updates is found by selecting your car at: Select your market and find the software updates page.

Where can I get information on upcoming updates?

The content of the software upgrades is decided at a late stage. Therefore, it is impossible to know at an early stage what the content will be. When the software is released you will find information about the content at: Select your market and find the software updates page.

Why haven’t I got the latest software release via OTA?

In our planning we sometimes decide to release certain software versions at workshops only. The reasons may differ but the ambition is always to ensure high customer value with the software we distribute through OTA.

Can I get the latest software content anyway?

Unless you are urged to visit a dealer for an update, the easiest way is to wait for the next OTA update. Visiting a dealer in this instance may incur a cost. Relevant content for your car will automatically be part of the next OTA update at no cost.

When is the next OTA update?

The normal regularity of OTA updates every 6-8 weeks still applies.

I may have an old software version in my car, why do I not get any more updates through OTA?

You may need to visit a workshop for an assisted software update to be able to get OTA updates again. There may be different reasons why you need such assistance. Contact your local dealer or customer care function to get the proper support.

Is OTA free and for how long?

OTA will be free for as long as these cars are supported with software updates. Sometimes you may need a workshop visit for an assisted software update to be able to get OTA updates again. A workshop assisted software update may incur a cost.

If I get a notification about an available software update, but I decide to get it installed at a workshop, is the update still free of charge?

An assisted software update at the workshop may incur a cost.

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