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S60 Cross Country
2016 Early


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Detachable key blade - unlocking doors

The detachable key blade can be used if central locking cannot be activated with the remote control key, e.g. if the key's battery has run out.

Locking/unlocking - boot lid

The boot lid can be opened, locked and unlocked in several ways.

Locking/unlocking - from the outside

Locking/unlocking from the outside is carried out using the remote control key. The remote control key can lock/unlock all doors and the boot lid simultaneously. Different sequences for unlocking can be selected, see Remote control key - functions.

Locking/unlocking - indicator

When the car is locked or unlocked using the remote control key the direction indicators confirm that locking/unlocking was correctly performed.

Locking/unlocking - glovebox

The glovebox can only be locked/unlocked using the remote control key's detachable key blade.

Locking/unlocking - from the inside

All of the doors and the boot lid can be locked or unlocked simultaneously using the central locking button on the driver's door and passenger door*.

Child safety locks - manual activation

The child safety locks prevent children from being able to open a rear door from the inside.

Child safety locks - electrical activation*

Child safety locks with electrical activation prevent children from opening the rear doors or windows from the inside.


Deadlocks* means that all door handles are mechanically disengaged, which prevents doors being opened from both inside and outside.

Lock indicator

A flashing LED by the windscreen verifies that the car is locked.

Manual locking of the door

In certain situations the car must be lockable manually, e.g. in the event of power failure.