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Indication on locking/unlocking the car

When the car is locked or unlocked using the remote control key, the direction indicators confirm that locking/unlocking was correctly performed.

Steering lock

The steering lock makes steering difficult if the car is e.g. taken unlawfully. A mechanical noise can be perceived when the steering lock locks or unlocks.

Child safety locks

The child safety locks prevent children from being able to open a rear door from the inside. There is an electric* and a manual lock.

Using private locking

The boot lid and rear seat can be locked with the private locking function when the car is taken in for service, left at a hotel or similar. The function locks the rear seat in upright position and prevents lowering of the rear seat.

Locking/unlocking the boot lid

The boot lid can be locked/unlocked and opened in different ways depending on the equipment level of the car.


Opening/closing the boot lid with foot movement*

To facilitate the operation of the boot lid when your hands are occupied, it can be opened/closed by means of a forward kicking motion under the rear bumper.

Locking/unlocking from the outside

The car is locked/unlocked from the outside using buttons on the remote control key or with the door or boot lid handles if the car is equipped with keyless locking/unlocking (Passive Entry)*. The boot lid can be operated via power operation* and/or foot movement*.


Deadlocks means that all door handles are mechanically disengaged, which prevents doors being opened from the inside.

Locking/unlocking from the inside

The doors and boot lid can be locked and unlocked from inside using the central locking controls in the front doors. The lock controls* on the rear doors each lock their own rear door.

Power operated boot lid*

The car's boot lid can be opened/closed electrically.