Drive modes

Level control* and shock absorption

Updated 7/23/2018

Level control and shock absorption are regulated automatically in the car.

With rear level control, the car maintains the same height at the rear regardless of load. Level control can also occur even after the car has been parked.

Shock absorption (Four-C)

The shock absorption is adapted according to the selected drive mode and according to the speed of the car. Shock absorption is normally set for the best possible comfort and is regulated continuously depending on the road surface, the car's acceleration, braking and cornering.

Settings for level control

Deactivation of air suspension and level control

In certain cases, the function must be deactivated, e.g. before the car is raised with a jack*. The difference in level created by raising the car with a jack can otherwise cause problems for the air suspension.

Deactivating the function via the centre display:

Press Settings in the top view.

Press My CarSuspension .

Select Deactivate Suspension & Leveling Control.

Change the damping level

Depends on the car's equipment.

Cars with active chassis (Four-C) and without the drive mode function* can adjust the shock absorption level via the centre display:

Press Settings in the top view.

Tap on My CarDrive ModeSuspension Control and select the level.

During transport

During transport of the car on a ferry, train or truck, the car must be lashed around the tyres and not around other parts of the chassis. Changes in the air suspension may occur during transport, which could affect the lashing negatively.

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