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The app view contains apps that give access to some of the car's services.

User terms and conditions and data sharing

The first time certain services and apps are started, a pop-up window with the headings Terms and conditions and Data sharing may be shown.

Activating and deactivating data sharing

Data sharing for services and apps required can be set in the centre display's settings menu.

Data sharing for Volvo On Call

Data sharing for the Volvo On Call service is activated as standard. This means that you do not need to activate data sharing for this service yourself when you buy a new car or after e.g. a factory reset.

Data sharing for driver profile

When you start to use a new driver profile, the data sharing settings for the profile will be set to the car's standard settings and deactivated.

Data sharing for services

If you have not activated data sharing for an online service or for downloaded apps, you can do this in connection with starting them in your centre display. If this is the first time you are starting a service, or e.g. after a factory reset or certain software updates, you also need to approve Volvo's terms and conditions for online services.

Volvo ID

Volvo ID is a personal ID that gives access to a wide range of services via a single username and password.

Creating and registering a Volvo ID

It is possible to create a Volvo ID in different ways. If the Volvo ID is created at volvocars.com or with Volvo On Call app* , the Volvo ID must also be registered to the car to enable use of the various Volvo ID services.

Real Time Traffic Information

When the car is connected to the Internet, the driver can access extended traffic information* ) concerning congestion, closed roads and anything else that may affect the travelling time.

Volvo On Call *

Volvo On Call * provides direct contact to the car as well as extra comfort and assistance 24 hours a day.