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Kick-down function

Kick-down* can be used when maximum acceleration is needed such as for overtaking.


The gearbox is part of the car's powertrain (power transmission) between engine and drive wheels. The function of the gearbox is to change the gear ratio depending on speed and power requirements.

Automatic gearbox

Gears are selected automatically so that you can drive as energy-efficiently as possible. The gearbox also has a manual gearshift mode.

Changing gear with automatic gearbox

For the small gear lever, change gear position by pressing the spring-loaded gear selector forwards or backwards, or sideways for manual shifting. For the large gear lever, the lever is pressed to the left instead for manual shifting.

Symbols and messages for automatic gearbox

If a fault should occur in the gearbox, a symbol and a message are shown in the driver display.

All-wheel drive*

All-wheel drive (AWD* ) means that the car is driving all four wheels at the same time, which improves traction.

Manual gearbox

With a manual gearbox, the driver selects a suitable gear manually, according to speed and power requirements at the time.

Changing gear with steering wheel paddles*

The steering wheel paddles are a complement to the gear selector and make it possible to change gear manually without releasing hands from the steering wheel.The function is available in position D or M.

Gear selector inhibitor

The gear selector inhibitor prevents accidental changing between different gear positions in an automatic gearbox.

Deactivate automatic gear selector inhibitor

When the car is without power, the automatic gear selector inhibitor can be disengaged in cars with the large gear lever. For cars with the small gear lever, it is not possible to disengage the gear selector inhibitor.

Gear shift indicator

The gear shift indicator in the driver display shows the current gear during manual gearshifting and when it is appropriate to engage the next gear for optimum fuel economy.