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Volvo On Call app

Deactivate the connection between car and Volvo On Call* app

Updated 11/9/2020

Deactivate the connection between car and Volvo On Call* app

Volvo ID is personal and does not need to be changed or deleted if you sell your car. However, you need to end the ownership and the link between the Volvo On Call app and the car, as well as delete all personal user data from the car.

To deactivate the link between the car and Volvo On Call, you need to be logged into the app. If you do not have access to the app, contact your Volvo dealer and explain that you want to sell your car.

You can terminate your ownership under Connected cars in the tab. Select the car in question and terminate the ownership by following the instructions in the app.

User history, driving journal and other user accounts will be deleted once you have terminated the ownership. Contact your Volvo dealer if you want to delete your contact details from the dealer's system.

If you have the opportunity, notify the buyer that they should contact an authorised Volvo dealer in order to reactivate Volvo On Call and provide their contact details. Volvo On Call will be active until the subscription expires.

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