Keyless locking and unlocking

Keyless locking and unlocking with touch-sensitive surfaces*

Updated 5/12/2021

Keyless locking and unlocking with touch-sensitive surfaces*

With the keyless locking and unlocking function, there is no need to use the key's buttons – the key just needs to be near the car. The car is locked or unlocked via a touch-sensitive surface on the door handle.

Touch-sensitive surfaces

Door handle

The outside of the door handles contains a recess for locking, while the inside contains a touch-sensitive surface for unlocking.

P5-1519-Door handle with Touch-sensitive areas
Touch-sensitive recess for locking
Touch-sensitive surface for unlocking


It is important that only one touch-sensitive surface is activated at a time. Gripping the handle while touching the lock surface risks giving double commands. This means that the requested activity (locking/unlocking) will not be executed, or will be executed with a delay.

Tailgate handle

The tailgate handle has a rubberised pressure plate underneath that is only used for unlocking.


Be aware that the system may be activated in connection with car washing if the key is in range.

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