User profiles

User profiles

Updated 5/12/2021

User profiles

Many of the settings defined in the car can be saved to a personal user profile.

The Owner profile is pre-installed and active in the car on first use or after a factory reset.

The Owner profile has administrative privileges and cannot be deleted.

Drag down the notification view to access user profiles.

The status field shows a symbol, together with the initials of the active profile. When the system is logged-out, no symbol/initials are shown in the status field.

Automatic profile selection

It is possible to connect your key to a profile. The profile along with all of its settings will then be automatically selected every time the car is used with that specific key.

The last profile used is activated if a key is not linked with a specific profile.

General information about settings

Changes to the car's settings are saved in different ways depending on the category to which the settings belong. These settings may be personal, global or adapted for a drive cycle. Tap on and then on Profiles in order to access the settings for a selected profile.

Personal preferences

Personal settings are saved to an active profile.

There are two kinds of personal settings:

  • Function settings – settings relating to driver support, driver side climate, the driver's seat, the door mirrors and interior and exterior lighting. These settings retain their values when a profile is added or when signing out from an active profile.
  • Sound and media settings – settings relating to navigation, sound and media systems, apps and linked accounts. These settings return to default settings when a profile is added or when signing out from an active profile.

Global settings

The global settings are not changed when switching to a different profile. They remain the same regardless of which profile is active. Passenger side climate, the passenger seat memory function, and certain system settings are examples of global settings.

Default drive cycle settings

A number of settings return to their defaultsDefault settings may vary depending on market after a drive cycle.

This means that the value of a setting can be adjusted while you drive. After driving, it is returned to the default. At next drive cycle, the setting will have its default value again.

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