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Active main beam

Updated 5/12/2021

Active main beam

Active main beam uses the camera sensor in the top edge of the windscreen. The camera sensor detects the headlamps of oncoming traffic or the rear lights of the vehicle ahead and then switches from main beam to dipped beam.

P5-1617 Stalk with turning ring in AHBC position

The symbol represents active main beam.

The function can start while driving in the dark when the car's speed is approx. 20 km/h (approx. 12 mph) or higher. The function can also take streetlights into account. When the camera sensor no longer detects any oncoming car or car in front, main beam is switched on again after about a second.

Activate active main beam

Active main beam is activated and deactivated by turning the left-hand stalk switch to position . The rotating ring then returns to position . When active main beam is activated, the symbol illuminates with a white glow in the driver display. When main beam is activated, the symbol shines blue.

If active main beam is deactivated while main beam is on, the lighting is immediately reset to dipped beam.

Active main beam does not need to be reactivated every time the car is started.

Limitations for active main beam

The camera sensor on which the function is based has limitations.

P5P6-2037-iCup-Auto high beam inactive symbol

If this symbol is shown in the driver display, together with the message Active High Beam Temporarily unavailable, then switching between main and dipped beam must be performed manually.

iCup-20w37-See User manual, symbol in driver display

The same applies if this symbol is shown together with the message Windscreen sensor blocked See Owner's manual.

Active main beam may be temporarily unavailable e.g. in situations with dense fog or heavy rain. When active main beam becomes available again, or the windscreen sensors are no longer blocked, the message goes out and the symbol illuminates.


Active main beam is an aid for using the optimum beam pattern when conditions are favourable.

The driver always bears responsibility for manually switching between main and dipped beam when traffic situations or weather conditions so require.

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