Internet connection

Problems with Internet connection

Updated 5/12/2021

Problems with Internet connection

If the car loses its Internet connection, you can try the following.

Switching the mobile data off and on

Switching the mobile data off and on may be of assistance if the car's Internet connection disappears suddenly and without explanation.

Go to settings at the bottom of the centre display and then tap on Connectivity.

Then switch Car SIM data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and on in order to restart the connection.

Restarting the system

Restart the system by depressing the home button for 20 seconds.

In the event of problems with connection via Bluetooth-connected phone

If you experience difficulties when connecting a phone to the car via Bluetooth

  • Check that the phone battery is sufficiently charged and that the phone is switched on.
  • Check that you have Bluetooth switched on in both the phone and the car.
  • Check that you have established a Bluetooth connection and have connected the car to the phone to be used.
  • If possible, try to connect another phone to the car via Bluetooth in order to check whether the problem is in the device or in the car.

If the problem persists:

  1. Clear all previously added phones in the Bluetooth settings in the car.
  2. Restart the phone you want to connect.
  3. Try to connect the phone again.

In the event of problems with connection via the car's built-in modemConnection via the built-in modem is only available in certain markets.

If connection via the car's built-in modem works poorly due to poor coverage, for example, try connecting via Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth-connected phone instead.


If you connect to the Internet through several different sources at the same time, such as if the car has Internet via built-in modem, and you access the Internet via a Bluetooth-connected phone, these sources are used in the following order of priority. Firstly, the connection via Wi-Fi networks is used; secondly, via Bluetooth-connected phone; and thirdly, via the car's built-in modem.

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