Electric operation and charging

Charging in the car's centre display

Updated 5/12/2021

Charging in the car's centre display

From the centre display it is possible to set the state of charge (SoC), unlock the charging cable and set amperage.

To access charging in the car's centre display, tap on and then on Charging. When charging is started, the view for charging is also activated in the car's centre display.

Setting the state of charge (SoC)

iCup- 2037-  Charge status CSD
The battery's current charge status.
Swipe to set the preferred state of charge (SoC). The state of charge (SoC) remains unchanged until next time, unless it is changed in the centre display or via the Volvo app.

Schedule charging

When charging with alternating current, it is possible to schedule charging and set start and stop times for when charging should take place. It is not possible to charge outside the selected start and stop times. Tap on Set timer to schedule charging.

Unlocking the charging cable

Tap on Unlock cable in the centre display to interrupt ongoing charging. Charging is interrupted when the charging cable is unlocked.

Setting the amperage

When charging with alternating current, there is the option to set amperage. Tap on + or - to set amperageThe set amperage applies per phase from the alternating current source..

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