Starting and switching off the car

Usage modes

Updated 5/12/2021

Usage modes

The car has three different usage modes that make various car functions available.

The car is set automatically to different modes: passive, comfort and drive. The table shows which functions are available in the various modes.




When the car is unlocked, the following functions become available:

  • The driver display shows charging information, for example.
  • Power seats can be adjusted.

In this mode, the functions are controlled by time and are switched off automatically after a short while.


When someone is sitting in the driver seat or when the centre display is used or started via the media button in the tunnel consoleComfort mode is switched off when someone leaves the driver seat. Use the centre display to set the car back to comfort mode. Comfort mode is switched off again when the front passenger door is opened.:

  • The centre display can be used.
  • The infotainment system starts automatically (the same as when driving).
  • The climate system starts automatically (the same as when driving).
  • Power seats can be adjusted.
  • Power windows, Bluetooth, navigation, phone and windscreen wipers can be used.
  • 12 V power sockets in the cargo area can be used.
  • The USB ports can be used.


When the driver sits in the driver seat and engages a gear:

All functions are available and the car can be driven.

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