Steering assistance at risk of collision

Steering assistance upon risk of head-on collision

Updated 1/21/2020

Steering assistance upon risk of head-on collision

Steering assistance has a number of subfunctions. Steering assistance upon risk of head-on collision can help a distracted driver who does not notice that the car is heading into the opposite lane.

P5-1717-City Safety, avoid collision with  oncoming traffic

The function can assist by guiding the car back to its own lane.

Oncoming vehicles
Your car

At the same time as steering intervention is activated, collision warning for driver support is also activated. However, the brake pulse included in the collision warning will not be activated.

The function is active within the speed range 60-140 km/h (37-87 mph) on roads with clearly visible lane markings/lines.

If the car is about to leave its own lane while an oncoming vehicle is approaching at the same time, the function can help the driver to steer the car back into its own lane.

However, the function does not intervene with steering assistance if the direction indicator is used. And if the function detects that the driver is actively driving the car, activation of the function will be delayed.

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