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Voice control

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Controlling climate control with voice control

Commands for voice control of the climate control system in order to e.g. change temperature, activate a heated seat* or change fan level.


Voice control of radio and media

Commands for radio and media player voice control are shown below* .

Voice control

Voice control* , the navigation system can also be controlled with voice control.


Using voice control

It is possible to voice-control a range of different functions in the car. Below is an introduction to what is needed to get started as well as examples of different commands.

Updating voice control

Volvo is working constantly on improving voice control in your car. You can download files yourself for updating your car's voice control. Updating occurs in two stages using an empty USB memory.

Tips for improving voice control

A few tips that might be useful to bear in mind when using voice control are listed here.

Settings for voice control

Settings for the voice control system* are selected here.

Command list for voice control of the navigation system*

Several navigation system functions can be activated with voice commands. A list of them follows below.


Controlling a telephone with voice control

Call a contact, have messages read aloud or dictate brief messages with voice control commands to a Bluetooth connected telephone.*


Voice control of text messages

Voice control allows you to control functions in the car, e.g. reading out text messages from a connected mobile phone.


Control the navigation system* with voice control

If your car is equipped with Sensus Navigation you can use voice control to give spoken commands in order to control parts of your navigation system.