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XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid
2021 Early

Charging the hybrid battery

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Charging status in the car's driver display

The driver display shows the status for charging with both image and text. The information is shown for as long as the driver display is operating.

Regenerative braking*

The car recovers kinetic energy during braking in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Opening and closing the hatch for the charging input socket

The flap for the hybrid battery's charging input socket is opened manually.

Charging status in the car's charging input socket

The charging input socket shows the charging status using an LED lamp.

Charging cable

The charging cable with its control unit is used to charge the car's hybrid battery.

Ground fault breaker in the charging cable

The control unit for the charging cable charging cable has a built-in ground fault breaker that protects the car and the user from electric shocks caused by system faults.

Charging status in the charging cable's control unit

The indicator on the charging cable's control unit shows the status of ongoing charging as well as status after completed charging.

Temperature monitoring of the charging cable

For the car's hybrid battery to be charged safely every time, the control unit for the charging cable and the plug have built-in monitoring devices for the temperature.

Charging the hybrid battery

In addition to the fuel tank, as in a conventional car, the car is equipped with a rechargeable battery - a so-called hybrid battery of the lithium-ion type.

Starting hybrid battery charging

The car's hybrid battery is charged with a charging cable between the car and a 230 V socket* (alternating current).Only use the charging cable supplied with the car or a replacement cable recommended by Volvo.

Stopping hybrid battery charging

Finish charging by unlocking the car, unplugging the charging cable from the car's charging input socket and then from the 230 V socket* (alternating current).

Charging current

Charging current is used for charging the hybrid battery as well as preconditioning of the car. Charging takes place with a charging cable connected to the car's charging input socket and a 230 V socket* from the wall socket, depending on the current limitations in the charging cable.

Plan and schedule charging of the car using the Volvo On Call* app

You can use the Volvo On Call app to plan and schedule the charging of your car* .