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XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid
2021 Early

Available in-car apps

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Android Auto*

Android Auto* devices.

Available apps

Volvo provides a wide selection of services, apps and programs that you can use in your car.

Apple® CarPlay®*

CarPlay* , all while you stay focused on your driving.

Air Quality app

The Air Quality app is a service that visualises the measured content of small airborne particulate matter inside the car over time.

Google Local Search

Using the Google Local Search* app you can search for restaurants, hotels and petrol stations and a lot more along your route directly in Volvo's centre display.

Record & Send

Record & Send* is an in-car app that allows you to record personal voice messages and send them to a selected recipient.


You can use the Spotify* app in your Volvo to listen to music when the car has an Internet connection.


TuneIn* offers over 100,000 global live radio stations from all continents and over two million on-demand programmes (e.g. podcasts, concerts and interviews).

Using TuneIn

The Internet radio service TuneIn has several different functions. You can, for example, play local radio, add favourites to radio stations or create shortcuts to radio stations if you prefer. This article describes how you use these services and how you access them from your car.


The Weather* .


Using the WikiLocations* articles that are related to your car's position and destination.


You can use the Yelp* .

Car status

The general status of the car can be shown in the centre display.


Download Center

Use the Download Centre app in the car's centre display to handle software* such as apps and maps.