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XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid
2021 Early


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Settings for Bluetooth devices

Settings for Bluetooth-connected devices.

Bluetooth compatibility with phones

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables connectivity between multiple media devices. To connect a phone to Volvo's Bluetooth system, the phone must be compatible with the car.


Connect the car to the Internet via a Bluetooth-enabled phone

Create an Internet connection via Bluetooth by sharing your phone's Internet access and access several online services in the car.


A phone with Bluetooth can be connected wirelessly to the car's built-in hands-free system.


Controlling a telephone with voice recognition

Call a contact, have messages read aloud or dictate brief messages with voice control commands to a Bluetooth connected telephone.

Settings for phone

When the telephone is connected to the car, the following settings can be made:

Managing the phone book

When a phone is connected to the car with Bluetooth, contacts can be managed directly in the centre display.

Managing phone calls

Call handling in the car for a Bluetooth-connected phone.

Managing text messages

Message handling in the car for a Bluetooth-connected phone.

Settings for text messages

Settings for text messages on connected phone.

Wireless phone charger*

There is a charging plate for wireless phone charging located in the tunnel console.

Using the wireless telephone charger*

The rubber plate in the tunnel console makes it possible to charge a phone without the need to use the phone's cable.

Certificate for wireless charger