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Displays and controls by the driver in a left-hand drive car

The overviews show where the displays and controls near the driver are located.

Displays and controls by the driver in a right-hand drive car

The overviews show where the displays and controls near the driver are located.

Connection of equipment to the car's diagnostic socket

Incorrect connection and installation of software or diagnostic tools may have a negative effect on the car's electronic system.

Driver distraction

The driver is responsible for doing everything possible to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users. Part of this responsibility is avoiding distractions such as carrying out an activity that is not related to operating the car in a driving environment.

Change of market when importing or relocating

When you import a car or relocate a car to another country, it is important that you register the car in the new market in order, for example, for the online services to work correctly, as well as to ensure that the car complies with local requirements and laws.

Showing the car's identification number

When contacting a Volvo dealer concerning your Volvo On Call subscription, for example, you will need the car's identification number (VIN* ).

Recording data

As part of Volvo's safety and quality assurance, certain information about the vehicle's operation, functionality and incidents are recorded in the car.

Installation of accessories

We strongly recommend that Volvo owners only install Volvo approved original accessories, and that installation of accessories is only carried out by trained and qualified Volvo service technicians. Certain accessories only function when associated software is installed in the car's computer system.

Software updates

So that you as a Volvo customer get the best experience of your car, Volvo continuously develops the systems in the cars and the services that you are offered.

Important information on accessories and auxiliary equipment

The incorrect connection and installation of accessories and extra equipment can negatively affect the car's electronic system.