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Electrical sockets

Updated 7/9/2020

Electrical sockets

There are two 12 V electrical sockets and one 230 V electrical socket* in the tunnel console, and there is one 12 V electrical socket* in the cargo area.

If a problem occurs with an electrical socket, contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

12 V electrical socket

P5-1746-12 V outlet tunnel console front

12 V electrical socket in tunnel console, front seat.

The 12 V sockets can be used for various accessories designed for this, such as music players, cooler boxes and mobile phones.

P5-1717-XC60-12 V outlet tunnel console rear

12 V electrical socket in tunnel console, rear seat.

P5-1717-XC60-12 V outlet storage

12 V electrical socket in cargo area*.

High voltage socket*

P5-1746-S/V-High voltage outlet

Electrical socket in the tunnel console, rear seat.

The high-voltage socket* can be used for various accessories designed for this, such as chargers or laptops.

Status indication, high-voltage socket

An LEDLED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp on the socket indicates the status of the socket:

Status indication



Steady green light

The socket is delivering current to a connected device.


Blinking orange light

The temperature of the socket's voltage converter is too high (because for example the accessory draws too high a current or the passenger compartment is too warm).

Remove the plug and let the voltage converter cool down before reinserting the plug.

The connected accessory draws too much current (intermittently or continuously) or is defective.

None. The accessory cannot be connected to the socket.

Extinguished lamp

The socket does not sense that a plug has been inserted.

Check that the plug is properly inserted into the socket.

The socket is not active.

Switch the car's electrical system to the lowest ignition position I.

The socket has been active but is now deactivated.

Start the engine and/or charge the starter battery.

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