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Maintenance messages in the Volvo On Call* app

Updated 11/9/2020

Maintenance messages in the Volvo On Call* app

In the Volvo On Call app, you can see status and maintenance messages for your car. These can notify you if anything needs to be reviewed or rectified.

See maintenance messages in the Volvo On Call app

You can find your car's status and maintenance messages in the tab.

Maintenance messages

There are various messages about maintenance in the Volvo On Call app.

  • A green tick means that the status of a component is approved.
  • A yellow message indicates that a component will soon need inspection or action.
  • A red message indicates that action is needed as soon as possible.

A link to the Owner's Manual can be displayed together with maintenance messages. Click on the link for more information on maintenance of your car. A link to your calendar can also be shown for Service.

For more detailed instructions on various maintenance messages, see your car's Owner's Manual or contact your Volvo dealer.

Status unknown

P5-1846-Maintenance message status unknown

If a question mark appears beside a component in the Volvo On Call app, this means that the status cannot be displayed for some reason. This may, for example, be because there is no Internet connection, or the app cannot read a value for some reason.


If you see a question mark in the app you should check the car's driver display to investigate whether there is a maintenance message or other information.

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