Towing and recovery


Updated 7/9/2020


During towing, the car is towed by another vehicle by means of a towline.

Towing a car with Twin Engine is not permitted since this damages the electric motor. The car must be transported raised with all the wheels on a recovery vehicle's platform, neither of the wheel pairs may have road contact.

When towing another car

Towing a car requires a lot of energy - use the AWD drive mode. This then charges the hybrid battery, in combination with improving the car's driving characteristics and roadholding.

Find out the statutory maximum speed limit for towing before the towing begins.

Jump starting

Do not tow the car to jump start the engine. Use a donor battery if the starter battery is discharged and the engine does not start.


The electric drive motor and the catalytic converter may be damaged during attempts to tow-start the car.

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