IntelliSafe Assist

Driver assistance systems

A helping hand when you need it

Empowered driving

IntelliSafe Assist is a suite of features that delivers a high level of collaborative, convenient and intelligent assistance in everyday traffic situations, designed to lessen the cognitive load and allow you to focus on your driving enjoyment. Features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist, Curve Speed Adaption and Distance Alert. Learn more below.

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist is designed to provide collaborative, intelligent and directable assistance while the driver maintains control at all times. Pilot Assist reduces driver strain in tedious driving situations and increases safety margins. The system delivers enhanced speed and distance keeping and a more consistent and precise position in lane. When activated, the system also has a positive effect if a conflict is about to happen — the performance in emergency steering and braking is improved.

Pilot Assist works at speeds up to 130km/h and is particularly useful in highway conditions, helping to reduce the effort required when driving at higher speeds. For the EU and US, Pilot Assist is connected to the navigation system and has an ‘electronic horizon’ function that increases accuracy and performance in curves. Western European markets benefit from Curve Speed Adaption, a function that uses map data to adapt cruising speed in curves to a comfortable level.

While using Pilot Assist you must keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road ahead at all times.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Helping you to maintain your preset gap to vehicles in front at all speeds up to 200 km/h, Adaptive Cruise Control is a supportive partner for a more relaxed driving experience, reducing driver strain in tedious driving situations. It also offers more precise safety margins to the vehicle ahead.

Just select the desired speed and time gap to the vehicle in front. When the radar sensor detects a slower vehicle in front, the speed automatically adapts to that vehicle. And when the road is clear, the car resumes the selected speed. Whenever you want, you can also select conventional cruise control.

Distance Alert

If Adaptive Cruise Control is disengaged and a vehicle in front comes too close, the distance alert function activates a warning to help you keep a safe distance. This function is available in cars that are equipped with a Head-Up Display (HUD).