Clean-air thinking

With its keen focus on health and wellbeing, CleanZone is a perfect example of our human-centric approach. An approach that’s perfectly in sync with modern sensibilities and today’s increasing demand for quality. From our quality of life to the quality of the air that we breathe.

Four-zone climate control

Volvo has also introduced four-zone climate control, which allows the four major seating positions to control their temperatures individually.

State-of-the-art filter

When it’s not recirculating air to keep it fresh, the climate system pulls outside air in and directs it through a state-of-the-art air filter – one of the largest ever fitted in a car.

Senses and protects

An air inlet sensor monitors the quality of the air outside and seals off the cabin if it detects harmful pollutants to stop them getting in. 

Reduces pollen and dust

The filter uses charcoal to eliminate harmful pollutants and smells. Re-circulated air also passes through this filter greatly reducing the levels of dust, pollen and other fine particles.