Exchange Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

1. Subject to the following terms, any Volvo Selekt car purchased from an authorised Volvo dealer may be exchanged for another vehicle ('The replacement vehicle') from the same dealer, provided that:
    a. The Volvo Selekt car is returned to the Volvo dealer within 30 days of the delivery date and
    b. The Volvo dealer is satisfied that the customer is a private purchaser (and not a trade purchaser or otherwise) and
    c. The vehicle has covered no more than 1,500 kilometres since the delivery to the customer and
    d. The Volvo dealer, at his absolute discretion, is satisfied that the Volvo Selekt car is in the same condition as at the time of delivery to the customer and
    e. The Volvo dealer is satisfied that the customer owns the vehicle and is fully entitled to exchange it under this agreement and
    f. The Volvo Selekt car has not been involved in any accident, or been notified or altered so that the car no longer conforms to its original specification, or has been used for racing, trials, rallies, competitive events or for any purpose other than normal private or commercial use.

2. The customer may choose any vehicle as the Replacement vehicle, provided that:
    a. It is of an equal or higher price to the Volvo Selekt vehicle and
    b. It is readily available from the Volvo Dealer’s stock or another source.

3. Before any exchange is effected the customer shall be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements relating to terminating, transferring to, taking out or otherwise dealing with the financing arrangements for the purchase of the Volvo Selekt car and the Replacement vehicle. Any exchange shall be subject to the Volvo dealer being satisfied with such arrangements.

4. Where the customer wishes to exchange the Volvo Selekt for a vehicle of higher price, the exchange will not take place until the customer has paid the price difference.

5. The customer will be solely responsible for any additional costs incurred in the exchange for licensing or insurance. Any such costs must be paid in full prior to completion of the exchange.

6. Only one exchange shall take place and the Volvo 30 day 1,500 kilometre exchange commitment shall not apply to any Replacement vehicle.

7. This agreement does not affect any statutory rights.