Made by People

The Irishman Jim Mac Cann has been one of them for 35 years.

Great minds don’t think alike

Who builds the best cars? The Germans? The Americans? The Italians? The Koreans? Or is it the Swedes?

Truth is, it's none of those. It's all of them. Together.

Ever since the 50's we've brought together people from all over the world to develop and build our cars. Not because we're a caring and human company, but because we know it makes us better.

Diversity sparks creativity. It pushes innovation. It helps us to build safer and smarter cars, designed around peoples everyday life.

So if you ever wondered who makes the best cars, you know now. It's people.

VOLVO – Made by People

Volvo XC60

Starting from €39,495


Jung Hyun Lee - Exterior Car Designer South Korea

"... I’m designing a car. I’m not a super star. I am one of them."

Sensus Connected Car

Made by Sweden

Anna Rynvall - User Experience & Connectivity Manager

When you drive a XC60, you bring your life with you.

See the display on the center of the dashboard? Doesn´t look too high tech, does it? Well, it is. Because it connects you to the rest of the world. It entertains you, tells you how to get where you are going, connects your phone, your music, your friends and everything you are used to be a part of. And it does it in a way that actually makes you a safer driver, not the other way around. That´s the whole point. To make the time you spend in your car matter. Without sacrificing safety.

City Safety

Made by Turkey

Ahmet Eren - Safety Features Volvo

The one thing you don´t want to happen when driving a car is the possibility of hitting someone.

You really don´t want that happening. And with the XC60, you probably won´t. This car detects whatever is in front of you, vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, and hits the brakes if an accident is about to happen. Think about it. You are only human, and sooner or later, humans make mistakes. The day your car takes over and brakes, just might be the best day of your life.

Volvo Drive-E

Made by Germany

Sabine Fleiss - Engine developer

We all want more powerful engines, don´t we? And we also want them to be environmentally sound.

Impossible equation? No, not really. By doing the exact opposite of what one could expect from the car industry - smaller engines, fewer cylinders - we ended up with the Drive-E engine. It´s a small, efficient and carries just 4 cylinders. The power comes from the amount of air that can flow through it, not it´s size. So, you can have it all. The power, the low fuel consumption and the peace of mind when it comes to the environment.

Diversity. Made by People.

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