Volvo XC90

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Cycling and keeping in touch with friends is important to Neo Zambas. The XC90 helps him do that.

Connecting with the XC90

There are lots of things that give Neo Zambas pleasure in life. But there are two pastimes that he particularly enjoys: travelling out to the suburbs to spend time with friends, and taking his bicycle out to his favourite bike track at North Avenue Beach. But in order to regularly enjoy these pastimes, he needs a car. You see, Neo lives in Chicago and sometimes in a big city you need a helping hand to stay connected with the things you love.

We invited Neo to take the new Volvo XC90 for a test drive, to see how it can help him stay in touch with his friends and help make enjoying a day’s cycling easier than ever before. We even let him take his beloved bike along for the ride. Did the new XC90 help Neo stay connected with the Chicago life he loves?

Let’s find out.

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