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Winter 2016/2017

With winter on its way, we’ve gathered together a collection of stories and films to help brighten up the long winter days.

January 2017

Skiing in Sweden with Volvo

For most of us, the coming of winter brings nothing but a shudder. But in Sweden, it’s a cause for cheer. You see, winter in Sweden means snow. And snow means skiing. To celebrate Sweden’s long-time love of the slopes we decided to take a look at one of the country’s most popular skiing resorts: Åre.
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January 2017

Keeping connected in Berlin

Meet entrepreneur Gundula Cöllen and discover how the XC90 helps her make the most of the everyday.

December 2016

Birth of the smart city

Houston, Texas, 1922. Bystanders watch as a strange object is fixed above one of the city’s traffic junctions. This object is the world’s first set of automated traffic lights. These people are witnessing is the birth of the ‘smart city’ concept. Today, smart cities are set to transform big city driving. We take a look at how the latest Volvo cars are being developed to integrate with intelligent new environments.
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December 2016

The Gateway to the Arctic

Come along as we enter the Gateway to the Arctic and explore Tromsø’s magnetic pull.

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Inspirational tales from Iceland, our latest innovations and our take on sustainability. Here are some of our favourite stories. Just for you.

Lifecycle of a Volvo

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Destination wellbeing

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Travel to a happy place

We travelled to Iceland and set off in search of happiness.

Luxury for little travellers

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