Cover in Ireland

Our technicians or appointed agents will use every practical means to repair your Volvo and get you on your way again. Even if you are stranded at home, help will arrive at your door.

In the unlikely event that your Volvo breaks down and cannot be repaired by our agent– or you are taken ill while driving – we will take you, your car and up to seven passengers to a Volvo dealership of your choice anywhere within an 80km radius.

Onward Travel

  • A replacement car for up to 72 hours. or
  • Hotel accommodation for driver and all passengers up to 4 days with a maximum allowance of €100 per night per person (Except in the case of accident, theft, vandalism or fire – which covers 1 night hotel accommodation)
  • Onward travel by train, taxi, coach or plane (Train and plane maximum allowance of €600 pp)
  • A taxi allowance applicable only if the breakdown is within 80km from the home (maximum allowance of €50)
In each case, cover is up to €130 in total.

Message Handling

Urgent messages to your family or business associates will be relayed by one of our Customer Service Specialists.