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Care by Volvo

What is full-service leasing?

October 30, 2019 - 10 min read
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Many car manufacturers offer full-service leasing as an alternative to buying or financing a car.

As a customer, leasing means you receive a new vehicle that you have configured at a fixed monthly price. The amount of the leasing payment depends, among other things, on the duration of the lease and the expected mileage.

The term “full-service leasing” may sound like there are no other costs apart from the leasing payment and refuelling – but this is not always the case. In most cases, the promise of full service only relates to “free maintenance” and “free wear and tear services”.

Therefore, the price includes the annual inspection and replacement or repair of wearing parts. Other items, such as vehicle tax or comprehensive premium insurance are often not included and have to be paid as extras. This means you have additional costs to cover and the monthly cost increases. As a rule, the term “full-service leasing” only refers to wear and maintenance services and provision of the vehicle for a monthly payment.
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What is the difference between full-service leasing and long-term rental?

With long-term rental you normally can’t configure the vehicle as you wish or choose the model you want. The only option you have is to choose a specific vehicle category.
With long-term rental you do not get a new vehicle because the vehicles are usually rented out to several people in succession. However, long-term rentals do not incur any costs for maintenance or wear and tear. With long-term rental, and full-service leasing, there is normally an extra charge for comprehensive insurance. So in this case, not all costs and services are included.

There is a further difference with regard to the down payment and the final payment. With full-service leasing you usually have to make at least one of these payments, while with long-term rental you do not pay either of them. You don’t need to worry about motor vehicle tax with a long-term rental either, because it is included in the rental fee.

Despite these benefits, even a long-term rental is not really an all-inclusive offer. In addition, there are the disadvantages of the relatively short rental terms and the uncertainty about which vehicle and what equipment you will get as a customer.

What is the difference between Care by Volvo and full-service leasing?

Care by Volvo combines the strengths of full-service leasing with the advantages of long-term rental.

Plus, many more benefits. No more long contracts. Flexiblity. Change your car for only three months’ notice and drive it for as long as you want. No hidden charges.
Comparable leaseCare by Volvo
Monthly Payment
Insurance Coverage
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Excess Wear Protection
Tire and Wheel Protection
Replacement Wiper Blades
Replacement Brakes
15,000 Annual Mileage
Roadside Assistance
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Car subscription from Volvo.

All costs included, fixed monthly payment. All you need to do is refuel.
  • 30-day trial subscription. One monthly payment. No cancellation fee
  • All drivers included on the insurance
  • No down payment, no final payment, monthly fixed price
  • You receive a new car that you can configure
  • Vehicle tax and comprehensive insurance included
In contrast to full-service leasing or long-term rental, Volvo's subscription model offers a true all-inclusive service with no hidden costs. Care by Volvo can be cancelled at any time and is available for much shorter periods with more flexibility than most full-service leasing offers. When you sign a Care-by-Volvo contract, your new vehicle will be available within 21 days.

You can book Care by Volvo online in just a few steps. Care by Volvo involves no complex negotiations, price comparisons and elaborate paperwork, par for the course for many full-service leasing offers.

Compared to long-term rental or full-service leasing, Care by Volvo is an all-inclusive offer that includes everything you need for your vehicle. All you have to do is refuel.