Seats, rear

עודכן 7/23/2018

The rear seat backrest and the outer seat head restraints can be folded. The centre seat head restraint can be adjusted to suit the height of the passenger.

Head restraint, centre seat, rear

Adjust the head restraint according to passenger height so that the whole of the back of the head is covered if possible. Slide it up as required.

To lower the head restraint again, the button by the left-hand shaft must be pressed in while the head restraint is pressed down carefully.

Lowering the rear seat backrest


There must be no objects on the rear seat when the backrest is to be folded down. The seat belts must not be connected either. Otherwise there is a risk of damaging the rear seat upholstery.


The backrest is in two parts. The parts can be folded forward, together or separately.

Pull on the required handle. They are located just inside the hatch opening.

Fold the backrest forward.

Lower the centre head restraint fully if the backrest's wide section shall be lowered.


When the backrests have been lowered the head restraints must be moved forward slightly so as not to make contact with the seat cushion.


Take hold of the backrests and make sure they are locked properly after opening them out in order to prevent injury under hard braking or in the event of an accident.

Electrical lowering of the rear seat's outer head restraints*

The remote control key must be in key position II.

Press the button to lower the rear outer head restraints to improve rearward visibility.


Do not lower the outer head restraints if there are any passengers using of the outer seats.

Move the head restraint back manually until a click is heard.


The head restraints must be in locked position after being raised.

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