Park assist syst

Park assist syst* - forward

עודכן 7/23/2018

Parking assistance is used as an aid to parking. An acoustic signal as well as symbols on the centre console's screen indicate distance to detected obstacles.

The parking assistance system is automatically activated when the engine is started - the switch's On/Off lamp is illuminated. If parking assistance is switched off with the button, the lamp goes out.

The distance covered in front of the car is about 0.8 metres. The acoustic signal for obstacles in front comes from one of the front loudspeakers.

Forward parking assistance is active up to 10 km/h (6 mph). If the Parking Assistance System is deactivated because the car is moving too quickly - 11 km/h (7 mph) or above - the function is reactivated when the speed falls below 10 km/h (6 mph).


When auxiliary lamps are fitted: Remember that these must not obscure the sensors - the auxiliary lamps may then be perceived as an obstacle.

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